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About CIA

Established in 2003, the Center for International Affairs administers academic cooperation and exchange programs with foreign universities and international organizations.The Center is currently composed of two sections: the Public Affairs and International Hospitality Section and International Academic Exchange Section.

The International Academic Exchange Section is responsible for enhancing international cooperation, promoting exchange programs, and recruiting international students.The Public Affairs and International Hospitality Section provides services and activities to assist foreign visitors and international students in their everyday life, studies, and interactions with the local community.

The Center has three staff members: one director and two coordinators.

The mission of Centre for International Affairs  (CIA) is to promote academic exchange, collaborative research, joint conferences, and faculty and students exchange. With various international exhibitions, collaborative research projects, and mutual visitation, the Center intends to enhance the publicity of NTSU and upgrade the status of the college in the international arena.

The Centre for International Affairs provides the following services:

˙International academic programs and services to students, faculty and staff, and sports professionals from abroad

˙Academic agreements and activities with international affiliations

˙International exchange students admission and dispatching affairs

˙Assistance in counseling and guidance to international exchange students

˙Support services for international exchange students

˙International public affairs

˙Academic exchange programs of cultural and physical educational affairs from both sides of the Taiwan Strait

˙International conferences

˙International academic collaboration