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Counseling Service

Counseling and Alumni Service Center

Welcome to the counseling and alumni service center! Our center provides counseling service as well as teacher, alumni and employment service. Meanwhile, our resource room is especially available and designed for special education students, which is located at Room 321, Administration Building along with reading area, resting area and computer room.

The Counseling and Alumni Center offers the following services:
1. Individual counseling: counseling hour Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00 Reservation preferred. Email:heart@ntsu.edu.tw

2. Psychological measurement

3. Classroom discussion

4. Lectures held in every semester. Topics include interpersonal relationship, emotion management, stress adjustment, etc.
Seminars and workshops for teachers
6. Campus recruitment workshops and seminars

7. Business tour

8. Alumni homecoming speech
Resource room service: Life counseling, academic counseling, activities, etc.


The counseling center                                                                                        Individual counseling room


Group counseling room1 &2


Resource room & reading area


Resting area & computer room