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Academic Affairs

Office of Academic Affairs

1. Introduction & Structure
Office of Academic Affairs was established on July 1, l987. The office consists of two sections: Registration Section and Teaching and Development Section. The office aims to provide services with quality and efficiency.
Meanwhile, the office is in charge of all registration service, academic records, applications for academic transcripts, credits transfer, minor and double major studies, study suspension, enrollment, preservation, recruitment and admission affairs, entrance, transfer, recommendation examinations, international students applications, and enrollment quota control.and graduation. 


Dean's Office
Registration Section
Teaching & Development Section


Dean's Office

Dean: Dr. Chi-Huang Huang 03-3283201 ext.1503
Overall planning, management, and coordination of academic affairs
Printing and dispatching of official documents
Academic affairs meetings
Academic affairs newsletters
Academic calendar making

Registration Section
Chief: Ms. Shu-Ling Jian 03-3283201 ext.1532
Registration, academic records, and graduation affairs
Examinations for graduate students and students on leave
Statistics and analysis of grades and scores
Minor, double major, credit exemption, and credits transfer applications
Chinese/English diploma and Chinese/English certificates of studying
Printing and filing of all statistical reports and grade lists Issuing and reissuing of Student ID cards
Issuing of transcripts, certificates, and diplomas
Publication and notification of academic records
Printing of roll sheets and grade reports
Application for name changes
Assistance to admission and recruitment affairs

Teaching & Development Section
Chief: Ms. Yi-Jin Ye 03-3283201 ext. 8502/1265
Promoting teaching development
-workshops on teaching professionalism
-senior/new faculty mentoring
Developing teaching assistant system
-workshops and training of TA

-remedial learning for student
-e-teaching support
Monitoring and follow-up with students with poor academic performance
Establishing related protocols and regulations for teaching and learning
Providing workshops on learning strategies to Improve learning efficiency
Managing the excellent teaching project
Managing the self-learning lounge, discussion room and equipments for teaching and learning
Promoting the e-teaching and e-learning platform