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Student Affairs

Office of Student Affairs

Welcome to the Office of Student Affairs. Located on the 5th floor of the Administration Building, the Office of Student Affairs is divided into the following divisions aiming to provide comprehensive assistance to students:

1. Living guidance and health care division: planning and supervision of life coaching and health promotion; dormitory management; clinic service; health education and examination; cafeteria sanitation and food safety inspection.

2. Extracurricular activity division: counseling of student associations and student activities; application of tuition waiver, scholarship and student loans; student group insurance, etc.

3. Counseling and alumni service center: planning of mental, learning and career guidance programs; supervision of students’ appeals; execution of gender equality education programs; individual and group counseling; class seminars; managing faculty and alumni service, etc.

Prof. Wu-Zhou Chen
03-3283201 ext.1509
mars@ntsu.edu.tw, mars7813@hotmail.com 
Ph.D. Purdue University
MS  National Taiwan Normal University
BS   National Taiwan Normal University

Counseling and Alumni Service division ext. 1307
Living guidance and health care division ext. 1555
Extracurricular activities division ext. 1575