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First of all I’d like to thank you for your encouragement to National Taiwan Sport University.

Based on the founding motto of “Precision, Honesty, Frugality and Perseverance”, the faculties and students at NTSU have been pushing to the limit and pursuing excellence in the fields of physical education, sport competition, health, and recreation.

National Taiwan Sport University has become the palace of international competition, the hub of physical education and the paradise for citizen recreation. Looking forward, we’re heading toward the top-notch sport university in Asia and worldwide.


Pro./ Dr. Kao, Chin-hsung
Telephone: (O).886-3-3283201 ext 1608

Email: president@mail.ntsu.edu.tw
Fax: 03-3284047
Address: 250 Wen Hua 1st Rd., Taoyuan, Taiwan.


Graduate school





Indiana University,

Bloomington USA


Department of Park and

   Recreation Administration











1990/01 to 1993/03 

Chinese Culture University


Business Administration 


1984/09 to 1986/06 

Fu-Jen University


Business Administration


1980/09 to 1984/06






  National Taiwan Sport University

  Department of Leisure Industry Management 

Professor /











Honorable President, Asian Association for Sport Management (AASM) 

Executive committee 

Honorable President  

2008 -










Taiwan Society on Sport Management, TASSM


Board of Directors 

Honorary  President


Consultant, Golbal Chinese Association for Sport Mangement(GoCASM)

Executive commitee 



Asian Sport Management Review (ASMR)


Board of Editing

Chief editor



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International Experience


 A. Exchange scholar
1. Beijing Sport University (2000
2. Macau University (2001)
Macau University of Science and Technology (2006) 

B. International organization

AASM (Asian Association for Sport Management)
President 2008-2010
Vice president 2004-2006

C. International conference  

2008 AASM Conference. Bangkok, Thailand. (Keynote speaker)
2008 EASM Congress. Heidelberg, Germany. (Oral presentation)
2008 TASSM Conference. Taoyuan, Taiwan. (Keynote speaker)
Mongolia, Institute of AVARGA Physical Education and Sport 2008/07   
2007 FISU Conference Bangkok, Thailand (Keynote speaker)
2007 EASM conference Turin, Italy. (Chair and paper presenter)
AASM 2006 Tokyo (invited speaker)
World Leisure Congress 2006, Hongzou, China (Paper presenter)
EASM 2005 Newcastle, UK (paper presenter)
IYSPE 2005 Bankok, Thai (participant)
Maggenlin 2005 Swissland (Participant)
Shanghai, Suchow, China 2004
AASM 2004 Beijing, China (keynote speaker)
Sport Management Submit, 2002, UNC, Colorado, USA (present paper)
AASM 2002 Seoul, Korea (participant)
2001 FISU Conference, Beijing Sport University, China (present paper)
1999 AISEP Conference, Bason, France.
Tokyo, Osaka, Japan , Sport Center for Adapted people. September, 2003

National project for Promoting Students’ Swimming Capability in Taiwan (since 2004)
National project for Promoting Sports for All in Taiwan ( since 2002 )
2009 Taipei Deaflympics organizing experiences and legacies research project.